YouTube Thumbnail Design

you’ve spent any time in YouTube, you’ve probably seen a lot of really interesting, creative, funny, and creative and creative videos being produced. There are almost always some crazy people on the site doing things that you wouldn’t expect. But some of the things that you see on YouTube will turn out to be viral hits, and it’s not always easy to tell how your video is going to do.

A viral video is simply a video that is created by a company, person, or company for the purpose of spreading a message, creating awareness about its brand’s products or service, or getting people to purchase it. In the past viral videos have been used for ads, example of this are the “glow in the dark” commercials. But now they are used for marketing purposes by companies, like Nike, Apple, and many others. One of the most common ways of using a viral video is to use a thumbnail. When the viewer views a video thumbnail initially it will appear.

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