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#1: Hi there, my name is Shaheer Nasir and I am a graphic designer from Pakistan. I work full-time on and my passion is to create the best possible gifts. Recently, I have started to produce posters using the color Adobe photoshop open source software. It’s a great tool for creative people like me to make beautiful designs. So I thought, why not share the process of design?…


From a young age, I was fascinated how the world worked. I loved to create and learn about how things worked. It fascinated me how even the simplest of things in nature work and when you learned about them you could create things with them. I started learning about design from my brother who was a master at it. We would sit around and build buildings or draw designs together.

I design poster is a creative and useful design resource for designers and designers around the globe. We offer high quality, printable designs for all occasions, advertising, promotional materials and much, much more. is a community site that contains a vast amount of designs and information that you can access through our website.

A poster is like a promotional tool. Whether you’re an advertising company, a graphic designer, a creative agency, or a publishing house, you need posters to promote your product. When you’re having trouble getting information out to your potential clients, the most obvious answer is to display it on your website.

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